Past Events

Events Date Location
Stonebridge Annual Review 25 Jan 2022 Zoom View
Soil Health Workshop 19 Mar 2015 Woodlands St Mary, Berkshire View
Care for the Kennet 01 Aug 2013 Wiltshire View
Habitat Restoration Workshop 18 June 18 Jun 2012 Wiltshire View
Volunteering: Yellow Fish Campaign 06 Apr 2019 Wilton & East Grafton View
Soil Health, Cover Crops & Direct Drilling Demonstration 05 Feb 2016 Wexcombe Manor Farm View
Cover crops and blackgrass control 12 Feb 2019 Wexcombe Farm, Marlborough, SN8 3SQ View
Improving Soil Health Event 19 Jan 2017 Wexcombe Farm View
Volunteering: River restoration 16 Mar 2020 Weston (close to Welford) View
Volunteering: River restoration 17 Mar 2020 Weston (close to Welford) View