Wetlands are a powerful way to harness nature to slow and filter water as it moves through the landscape. They help to recharge natural underground water supplies (aquifers) by slowing water so it has a chance to soak in, they clean water using the bacterial activity in plant roots and mud to break down contaminants, and they provide amazing habitat for a whole host of wildlife. Wetlands are also great carbon stores.

Before people started managing catchments to create towns, roads, farms and industry, the landscape was much wetter and the water cycle more robust. ARK is working with local landowners to put back more wetland space into the landscape.

We try to incorporate wetlands into our projects whenever possible. Examples include our Stonebridge wetland, Sparkling Streams wetland at East Grafton, our AWS wetlands at Wilton and Fyfield, and the Ogbourne Maizey wetland.