Stitchcombe Mill Fish Pass

One of ARK's objectives is to enable fish to swim from the River Thames all the way up to the top of the Kennet

Over time, weirs, mills and sluices have put artificial barriers in the way of the wild fish populations, stopping them from fulfilling their whole lifecycles and limiting the habitat they have access to.

The Mill at Stitchcombe between Ramsbury and Marlborough is one of the barriers that has been made passable. At Stitchcombe a new nature-like stream was dug to link the mill pool to the main river, bypassing the weir.  Using an innovative design, which has verticle rather than horizontal boards means that minor fish species like bulheads will also be able to swim up and down stream.

This project extends the fish passage that was enabled by the work at Durnsford Mill, Mildenhall.