Redd Spotting

Spotting Trout Nests

Brown trout spawn over the winter, creating underwater nests that are known as redds. If wild brown trout are spawning along a stretch of the river this is an indication of the health of that reach.
Every winter we run Redd Spotting mornings at locations on the Kennet to train volunteers who would like to become a volunteer Redd Spotter for us. The mornings are also open to volunteers who may wish to refresh their skills.
Spotting redds involves walking the riverbank and using polarised sun glasses to spot the mounds of clean gravel, that contain sometimes thousands of eggs. During the spawning season volunteers walk their designated stretch at least once every fortnight and log only the new redds on each visit, on to our Redd Spotter App.
If you would like to become a Redd Spotter email

To learn more about trout spawning download our
Redd Spotter Guide