Trout ARK Preshute 2008
Date: 30 May 2008
Location: Preshute Primary School

Trout ARK

Preshute Primary School were the first school to take part in the pilot 'Trout ARK' project.Peggy Dow Releases Trout Fry

In January class 3 welcomed 100 brown trout eggs into the class room and raised them into healthy fry. In April they released 84 brown trout into the River Kennet. During the term they learned about chalk stream ecosystems and the importance of water quality. Local river keeper John Houslow visited the school to talk about his job looking after the river, and BBC Wiltshire Sound interviewed class 3 about the project.

Trout ARK was funded by the North Wessex Downs AONB and local businesses and organisations.