Spring River Walk 2008
Date: 30 Mar 2008
Location: West Overton

Spring River Walk 2008

On Sunday 30 March 2008 over 120 people joined us for our first river walk of the year. The weather was beautiful and walkers enjoyed exploring the upper reaches of the Kennet from West Overton upstream to Swallowhead Springs. This section of the river behaves as a 'winterbourne' meaning that it sometimes dries up in summer when the aquifer levels are low. Traditionally the springs rise at Swallowhead on New Year's Day, however in 2007-2008 the springs and the river downstream have flowed continuously.

Thank you to the landowners who welcomed us for the afternoon. Some of the route follows public footpaths and can be walked at any time.

For more details of the route contactcharlotte@riverkennet.org, or purchase our Map and Guide to the River Kennet.

Our next walk will be early October 2008.

 Swallowhead Springs ARK River Walk 2008