Eel Assemblies and Workshops

As part of our Thames Catchment Community Eels Project we are offering exciting FREE Eel Classroom Workshops and Eel Assemblies for primary schools in the Middle and Lower Kennet and the Pang catchment.

ARK are project partners with fellow Rivers Trusts Thames Rivers TrustSouth East Rivers Trust and Thames21. Together we are working closely with Zoological Society of London and Thames Estaury Partnership to help the long-term survival of the European eel. Throughout this project we are running a limited number of workshops for local schools.  
Workshops can be integrated into your curriculum and by the end of the activity your students will have a better understanding of:

  • Their local river
  • River features
  • Healthy habitats
  • Wildlife and ecology with a focus on the European eel
  • The European eel life cycle, including the fascinating migration
  • Eel anatomy and adaptations
  • Food chains
  • How to help eels and their local river

The project area covers the River Kennet including Kintbury, Newbury, Thatcham, Woolhampton, Theale, Tilehurst, and Reading; and the River Pang around Pangbourne, Tidmarsh, Sulham, Englefield, Bradfield, Stanford Dingley and Hampstead Norreys.

If you are in the project area and are interested in a workshop for your KS2 class or an assembly please get in touch with

To see some eely fantastic student artwork, inspired by Eel Workshops in the Thames Catchment visit our Eely Gallery – Thames Rivers Trust

Have a look at our fantastic eel educational resources! 

Click on the images below to download the pdf

Eely’s Unbeli-eel-vable Adventure

Play our fantastic game and follow the life cycle of a European eel.

Help Eely on an epic migration from the Sargasso Sea to reach healthy river habitats in the River Thames and its tributaries.

Click on the picture below to play!