Ramsbury Mill Stream Project

Ramsbury Mill Stream Habitat Improvement

The stream flows through the bottom of High Street resident's gardens with the opposite bank (the south riverbank) owned by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, within the Ramsbury Nature Reserve and further downstream the same bank is privately owned.

The project worked to improve the south bank stretch, which
 was eroded and barren. A water vole survey was carried out before starting the practical work, which was carried out in two phases from September 2019 to February 2020. Phase one of habitat improvement was along the Reserve bank and Phase 2 continued downstream beyond the Reserve.

Our regular volunteers were joined by Ramsbury residents to undertake the work. The riverbed has already improved and clean gravels are visible, which at the start of the project were hidden by knee high silt. This is favourable for fish including brown trout that need clean gravels to successfully spawn. Once the newly planted plants have taken this stretch will be perfect for water vole that are already present on the main river.

The Ramsbury Reserve is accessible via a public footpath next to the Fire Station on Ramsbury High Street.