Ramsbury Community River and Wildlife Project

Ramsbury Community River & Wildlife Project

The ARK led project is a collaboration with Ramsbury Parish Council, Ramsbury Recreation Ground, Ramsbury Wildlife Resrve (owned by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust), Ramsbury Scouts and Ramsbury Primary School.

We have planted a huge yew hedge alongside the recreation ground, not only excellent habitat for birds, insects and other wildlife, hedging helps to slow the flow and draw rain into the ground rather that gush straight into the river; taking pollutants with it.

We've carried out river restoration along an eroded riverbank at Ramsbury Triangle. The public footpath by the river has been made safe for buggies and wheelchairs to use again. 

A fire pit has been built for local scouts to enjoy their outdoor space in the dark winter evenings.

Two new dipping platforms and steps have been built in the Wildlife Reserve, just off from the High Street to increase access and enjoyment for the community.

We have created our first rain garden 
at Ramsbury Primary School. It features green roofs on a welly store and a giant bug hotel.  A water butt has been connected to harvest rain, that can be used when needed to water new vegetable beds. An outdoor story area has been made too, for students to make the most of this beautiful outdoor space.

The project has further connected this community with their river and it's wildlife, creating and enhancing sites to enjoy and help conserve the river. 

For more ideas about rain gardens click here.

Every element of the project has involved the local community, scroll down to see our project in action.

Green roof welly store for local primary school                                    Pond dipping platform installed by volunteers at Ramsbury Reserve

 Riverbank repairs to the Kennet at The Triangle                                 A new yew tree hedge