Rain Garden - St Michael's School, Aldbourne

Rainscape Project at St Michael's School, Aldbourne

During summer 2019 we delivered our biggest Rain Garden project so far. With drier summers and wetter winters rain gardens can collectively have a real impact.  Rain Gardens can be attractive green spaces that are wildlife friendly and are permeable places for rain to slowly filter into the ground rather than taking pollutants from roads directly into our rivers during storms.

Schools are perfect places to create rain gardens, at St Michael's we involved the teachers, students, parents and the wider community to bring the garden to fruition. Corporate volunteer groups including Nationwide, Thames Water and Green Machine rolled up their sleeves to help create this amazing space at St MIchael's.
Along the way we ran talks, workshops and assemblies for everyone to understand the thinking behind Rain Gardens and how the same principles can be used at different scales in gardens at home or elsewhere.

We were delighted to expand the project beyond our original funding from Thames Rivers Trust, thanks to Thames Water donating elements of their Hampton Court Show Garden award winning 'Flourishing Future Garden' to us.


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