Rain Garden Shalbourne School
As part of our Sparkling Streams project to improve the rivers Shalbourne and Dun we built a rain garden at Shalbourne Primary School. The rain from the roof on the main school and the portacabin classroom is now diverted away from the sewer network and allowed to soak slowly into the ground, where it is naturally filtered before recharging the aquifer.

Managing water in this way protects water resources, reduces flooding, reduces river pollution from sewer overflows and the exciting new green space has made the playground a better place for pupils to enjoy. The new playground now incorporates a rain garden that absorbs rain from the largest roof area, a series of water butts and tanks that store water for play and plant watering, and three rain planters that slow down, filter and release rain slowly.

The build was made possible by the enthusiasm and energy of the local communty and the school staff and pupils.
Funding was provided by the government's Green Recovery Challenge Fund, rain garden design was by Wendy Allen Designs, and the project was created and overseen by ARK. It was completed in 2021.