Marlborough in Bloom
In preparation for Marlborough in Bloom, ARK has scheduled two volunteer river litter pick dates - so you can help the Kennet to show Marlborough at it's best. 

On Wednesday 1st of July (2pm) and Saturday 11th of July (2pm) we will be making our way from Stonebridge up through town, clearing the Kennet as we go. 

We will start at Stonebridge Wild River Reserve and head upstream through town, ending at the Pewsey Road Bridge (near the Citroen garage). 

If you would like to join us or would like more information please contact Anna Forbes either by email or by calling 01672 511028

Pictured below are volunteers wading their boat full of litter from Stonebridge through Kennet Place in 2014.  Volunteers litter picking at Kennet Place