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14 September 2011
Residents in Aldbourne and Ramsbury were outraged to receive a letter from Thames Water
proposing to abstract yet more water, telling them that the Ramsbury borehole ‘currently
provides more water than is needed for the local area’. The letters arrived as the BBC prepares to
broadcast Panorama on Monday 19th September featuring the River Kennet entitled ‘Drinking our
Rivers Dry’, and in the same week that the River Kennet was named by campaign group ‘Our
Rivers’ as one of England’s top ten failing rivers.

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06 June 2011
Wiltshire’s River Kennet is the inspiration behind WWF-UK’s show garden at the Hampton
Court Flower Show this year. Built to celebrate WWF’s 50th anniversary, the garden
showcases the beauty and fragility of England’s chalk streams.
Earlier this year Action for the River Kennet invited garden designer Fiona Stephenson to
see the Kennet and explain what plants and animals make up the wildlife of a chalk
stream, and Fiona has built a garden inspired by her visit.

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