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07 January 2014
Recent floods have caused raw sewage to flow straight into the river.  For more on this story click here
21 November 2013
People of Hungerford show how much they value the River Kennet by supporting two recent ARK events, the AGM and our street collection.   more here   

20 November 2013
Work has just started which will enable fish to pass from the mill pool by Cooper's Meadow back up to the main channel.  This is the second phase of work started last year to give wild fish a better chance to thrive.  more here
11 November 2013
Storm water rerouted from main road in Hungerford, away from River Kennet and Harvey's Stream.  Both water courses and adjacent water meadows are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest and within a Special Area of Conservation   more here
21 October 2013
ARK wins Wild Trout Trust Conservation Award for 2013.
 We have also received a grant from Link2Nature, and a generous donation from Hilldrop Charity Shoot   more here
10 October 2013
In the first two weeks of October Imperial College scientists, EA Fisheries officers and volunteers from ARK have been taking part in electrofishing to find out more about the impact of the Chlorpyrifos pollution on the fish populations. Electrofishing stuns fish for just long enough to weigh and measure them. The scientists also washed out the stomach contents of some of the fish to see what they have been eating in place of their usual diet of shrimps and riverfly.
07 October 2013
Report sightings of tankers discharging.
There appears to be a rogue tanker operator discharging to the Upper Kennet.  If you see suspicious tanker activity please:
1.  Call 0800 807060 as soon as possible with as much detail as possible
2.  Take a photo if you are not putting yourself at risk by so doing
3.  Call/email ARK: 01672 513672 or and we will follow it up with the EA
01 October 2013
New moths identified at Stonebridge.  Our 2013 moth trapping nights have found new species of moths at Stonebridge.
24 September 2013
Members of the public attending our latest Batty Bat Night had the opportunity to see bats and hear them on bat detectors which picked up three different species - Daubenton's, Soprano Pipistrelle and Noctule, as well as see close up a young Pipistrelle bat.
13 September 2013
A team from ARK and Savernake Flyfishers will be working alongside scientists from UCL to move mayfly, caddisfly and freshwater shrimps from healthy stretches of river to those where riverfly have been killed.