Our mission is to protect and improve the River Kennet and its tributaries.

Action for the River Kennet is a group of people who care about the River Kennet. Our members include local people who enjoy having a healthy river as part of their living environment; tourists and visitors who enjoy walking by and fishing in the Kennet; and environmentalists who want to see a valuable chalk stream protected.

We are a member of The Rivers Trust, and a registered Charity - no: 11207525

We provide information by

  • organising open days and educational events to help people to learn more about the river and its ecology
  • distributing a regular newsletters and annual reports
  • working in schools
  • giving talks and presentations
  • providing opportunities for people to get involved with looking after their local river.
We monitor the health of the river by
  • measuring riverfly populations
  • recording fish populations
  • measuring water quality.  
We value citizen scientists and much of our data is collected by volunteers.

We improve the physical habitat of the river by

  • running physical habitat restoration projects
  • running volunteer teams to maintain river reaches.
​We improve the health of the catchment by
  • working with farmers to help them adopt water friendly farming practices
  • working with the community to help them understand the whole water cycle including the importance of water efficiency and the role of drains and sewers.
We campaign to raise the profile of the  River Kennet and its tributaries in planning and funding decisions