River Clearance May 05
Date: 03 May 2005
Location: Marlborough

River Clearance May 2005

Students from Marlborough College Conservation Group waded into the River Kennet in Marlborough on a Wednesday afternoon in May to remove the rubbish that had accumulated between Waitrose Car Park and Priory Gardens.

The river clearance was organised by ARK and supported by Kennet District Council, who sent an extra clean up crew to take away the rubbish.

In just one hour the team pulled out 2 traffic cones, road signs, a shopping trolley, a 'For Sale' board, builder's rubble and lots of plastic bags, cans and bottles. The students even found a bag of jewelry!

As well as looking ugly, the rubbish is a hazard to the abundant wildlife on the river. Clearing it up has made a great improvement to a neglected asset in Marlborough.