Autumn River Walk 2006
Date: 01 Oct 2006
Location: Ramsbury

Autumn River Walk October 2006

Photo taken by Ian McColl

Well over 100 people enjoyed ARK's most recent river walk.

This time the venue was further down stream, starting at Ramsbury and walking towards Chilton Foliat.

The river there is managed by two river keepers, Peter Woolnaugh and Eddie Star, who ensure that the river and bank environment support a diverse range of wildlife, including brown trout.

Several walkers spotted a kingfisher and there were some good-sized trout lazing about. Patches of disturbed gravel on the river bed showed that trout had begun to 'cut redds' in preparation for spawning.

The walk was a rare chance to see some of the most beautiful chalk stream in Wiltshire and ARK are grateful to the landowners and their staff for inviting us to see these reaches of the Kennet.