World Rivers Day Walk
Date: 27 Sep 2015
Location: Stonebridge Meadow
Organiser: Anna Forbes

An enchanting afternoon was spent by the river at Stonebridge Wild River Reserve.  Peter Marren led a very knowledgeable and interesting walk around the reserve.  

Here are a few images of the day. 

Peter Marren talking to attendees of the World Rivers Day walk at Stonebridge
Above: Peter Marren enthusing attendees about chalk streams and the huge variety of flor and fauna it supports.  

Peter Marren identifying Oyster Mushrooms
Above: Peter pointing out Oyster mushrooms on the naturally fallen dead wood at the far end of the meadow.  He explained how both standing and fallen dead wood are both very important as they serve different purposes for different wildlife, as well as looking stunning. 

Water Vole amongst sedge and watercress
Above: A Water Vole amongst the sedge and watercress - this image was taken from the seating area on the wooden boardwalk.  This beautiful small mammal happily went about his or her business whilst 15 walk attendees looked on admiringly. 

New Wetland at Stonebridge
Above: Investigating the new wetland.  Already we have wandering snails, three species of dragon fly and greater and lesser water boatmen.  We were treated to fantastic views of male southern hawkers having a very impressive aerial battle.