Yellow Fish 2019

Our volunteer team are out and about the whole way along the river from Marlborough to Reading, marking drains with Yellow Fish to remind people not to use storm drains for anything except rain water. Storm drains usually drain straight to the river, with no interception or treatment, they are there to take away rain water when we have sudden downpours.

If other things are going down these drains it can have a serious impact on the wildlife that lives in or use the river, for example fish and invertebrates. People have often never thought about where these drains lead and will put left over chemicals, oil or paint down them. Cigarette butts, dog poo and litter are other items that do not belong in our rivers and pollute them, yet they are being put down these drains.

If you'd like to get involved please contact to find out how and take a look at our volunteer programme to see what dates are already in the diary.