Water Vole Surveys
The Water Vole is Britain's fastest declining Mammal.  In recent months we have been pleased to have had several sightings of water vole along the Kennet in Marlborough.   

In Spring 2015 ARK held a Water Vole surveying training session.  
Our newly trained volunteer surveyors can now survey for Britain's fastest declining mammal using a nationally recognised method and be fully confident with identifying the evidence to assess whether water voles are present.  To find out more about becoming a Water Vole Surveyor for ARK please email Anna Forbes

water vole training briefing

Water vole surveying training bank inspection
water vole surveyors

Marlborough Waterfront Association founder and ARK supporter Val Compton, has taken the following video of a Water Vole at Kennet Place 

Water Vole at Stonebridge Meadow, Marlborough July 2014