Water Matters

Water Matters 2020-21

Bringing the river to the classroom and running in adaptable ways during COVID times

Students will learn about their local river, its wildlife and value of clean water. We will cover habitats, food chains, identification of freshwater invertebrates and much more.
‘Water Matters’ provides multiple opportunities to teach ‘Living things and their habitats’ with scope to develop science, maths, art, critical thinking and creative writing skills. It also provides a valuable contribution to any Rivers topic. It’s fun and it’s free.
The programme is based on three structured lessons, presented virtually by ARK experts. In an ideal world the final lesson will be a visit to a river. We recognise that in COVID times this may be difficult, so an alternative live hands on virtual lesson is available.

Water Matters is available to schools within the Kennet catchment. The project is ideally suited to years 5 and 6. The project is free, but places are limited.
For all Water Matters enquiries email anna@riverkennet.org 


By the end of this new and innovative project students will:

  • have a good in depth understanding of chalk streams and their wildlife
  • know how and why to reduce water consumption at home and at school
  • understand where drinking water comes from and where wastewater goes
  • understand pollution is bad for the river, and how to keep rivers clean.