ARK River School

Enjoying, valuing and understanding their local river

Wherever possible we believe getting children outdoors and in the river is the best learning experience, however we can bring the river to you when this is not an option.

River School can be run at a range of river locations in the catchment. Activities can often be tailored to age, ability, time and objectives of the group.


  • Learning in and by an internationally rare chalk stream
  • River and pond dipping - kick sampling, identification
  • Assisting with conservation
  • Gaining knowledge and skills
  • Guided riverbank and water meadow walks - exploring habitats, sweep netting and identification of plants and animals
  • What lives here and why
  • Pressures the river and wildlife are facing and what we can do to help
  • Bird watching

River School is suitable for pre-schools, schools, Rainbow, Beaver, Cub, Brownie, Scout and other groups. For further information and to book email