ARK in schools

The River Kennet and its tributaries make an excellent topic for introducing many areas of the curriculum at pre-school, primary and secondary levels. Our activities are fun and educational, feedback from teachers has been extremely positive.

The marjority of our projects and individual classroom sessions are funded by and delivered in partnership with Thames Water.  This enables us to provide our time and equipment at no cost to schools within the Kennet catchment.   

We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our local schools - to find out more about either our formal projects or one off learning opportunities please email 

Preschool & Key Stage 1Our Interactive River Board

We have a range of activities suitable for younger school children. From our hands on interpretation board to enrich children's understanding of chalk stream wildlife to a river visit (subject to accessibility from the setting).  


Key Stage 2 & beyond

Trout in School
Hatch trout eggs and raise them for several months, get to see first hand several life cycle stages of the brown trout. This project ends with students releasing their baby trout into their local river!
The project begins early in January and runs until just before Easter. Schools in the Kennet Catchment are eligible to participate, do get in touch to find out more. The ARK Trout in School project can be tailored for primary and secondary students and lends itself to many topics. 

If you are interested in having Trout in School in your classroom please email:


Eels in School

Care for a tank of baby eels (glass eels) in the classroom from after the Easter break to July. 

Students learn about the amazing journey of the European eel and its unusual life cycle.  Numbers of European eels have declined drastically in the last few decades. We are excited about introducing classes to these fascinating fish that have historically been part of the rich tapestry of species in the Kennet.  

Beyond primary - ARK in secondary 

Both our Trout and Eel projects can be run successfully in secondary school settings.  We are also able to offer more bespoke learning opportunities by subject along with support for ongoing school initiatives.

Em River Model  - A river in my classroom

How rivers work.  Our Em River model demonstrates basic principles of river behaviour, subtle channel morphology and sediment transport processes.  Fun and interactive.

Suitable for all age ranges.  For GCSE and A level we have project material written by Professor Malcolm Newson. 

For more information on any of the above projects or to discuss how ARK can support and enrich any water or environment based curriculum topic please contact Anna: or 01672 512700.