Pollution Reduction

On the river we continue to be as active as ever, not least keeping an eye on the sewage overflows at Sewage Treatment Works.  We are very concerned that the storm overflows operate more frequently than they should, and that when pumping stations fail, or are overwhelmed with groundwater, sewage gets into the river. If you see and incident first please rerport it to Thames Water on 0800 316 9800. Then report it to the Environment Agency on 0800 807060 and finally let us know so that we can keep a record of where incident hotspots are. 

Pollution also reaches the river from farmland and roads.  Through our Catchment Sensitive Farming project we are actively supporting farmers in reducing their impact on the river.  In recent years ARK has worked with a partnership of organisations including West Berkshire Council and the Town and Manor of Hungerford to divert road runoff away from the river.

We are working with schools and gardeners to promote rain gardens to slow and clean storm water before it reaches the river. 

Our active team of riverfly and water quality monitors provide a valuable role being the eyes and ears of the river to pick up problems and help us to get them sorted out.

Here is a list of Top Tips to help keep our rivers healthy: