Pollution Reduction

On the river we continue to be as active as ever, not least keeping an eye on the sewage overflows at Marlborough Sewage Treatment Works.  As well as the latest incident involving the release of pesticide into the river, we are very concerned that the storm overflow is operating more frequently than it should, releasing untreated sewage into the Kennet.  This is on top of the problems Thames Water have been experiening over the winter at their sewage pumping stations.  We will be reviewing Thames Water's first draft of their 25 year management plan to ensure that these plans do not damage the Kennet or its tributaries.

Pollution also reaches the river from farmland and roads.  Through our Southern Streams project we are actively supporting farmers in reducing their impact on the river.  During autumn 2013 in Hungerford ARK has worked with a partnership of organisations including West Berkshire Council and the Town and Manor of Hungerford to divert road runoff away from the river.