Abstraction at Axford

Since the early 1990s Thames Water have abstracted water from the borehole at Axford, Wiltshire, to supply homes and businesses in Swindon and the Kennet valley.  ARK have consistently objected to the export of water over the catchment boundary.  Water exported to Swindon does not return to the Kennet as treated effluent, it is water lost to the river for ever.  After 20 years of campaigning Thames Water and The Environment Agency have agreed to build a pipeline linking north and south Swindon which will allow south Swindon to be supplied from the reservoir at Farmoor.  This will dramatically reduce the export of water from the Kennet.

Work on the pipeline began in earnest in 2015 and Thames Water estimate that it will be completed by the end of 2016.

Ogbourne abstraction

Once the new pipeline is complete, the Ogbourne abstraction point is going to be turned off.  Impact of Ogbourne abstraction on water levels in the Og.

Latest Abstraction Update

  • Action for the River Kennet are delighted that after more than 20 years campaigning Thames Water have committed to reducing abstraction from the River Kennet.  They are investing 25 million pounds in a new pipeline to provide an alternative water source for south Swindon.  
  • on the 24th of November 2014 Thames Water released a statement about future abstraction plans - please click here for full details.  
  • Local MP Richard Benyon has released a statement which can be read in full here 
  • We are supporting WWF’s Rivers on the Edge campaign
  • The Passing of a River