Charlotte Hitchmough


Charlotte has been working with ARK over a decade, and has built up an extensive knowledge of the issues affecting chalk streams and the Kennet in particular. She came to ARK from a background in the water industry and science communication and has built the charity’s activities to include river habitat restoration, work with schools, farm advice, water efficiency and most recently rain gardens.
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Anna Forbes

Senior Project Officer & Volunteer Co-ordinator

Anna's co-ordinates our volunteers and manages teams of volunteers at our regular practical conservation and restoration projects in and by the river. She trains our Citizen Science volunteers and oversees a variety of surveying and monitoring work, including our water vole surveying and riverfly monitoring.

Anna also organises our Corporate Volunteer Days.

Anna is the Officer for Stonebridge Wild River Reserve.

Anna leads our educational outreach with communities, including our schools and groups activities. These include  'Water Matters' and 'River School',

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Tim Clarke

Tim is ARK's farming advisor. He works part time for ARK, whilst also representing FWAG and running the 'Southern Streams Farmer Group'.  He has a background in agriculture combined with a detailed knowledge of the Kennet Catchment.

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Mia Ridler

Mia is our Project Officer and recently worked with communities, schools and volunteers on the middle and lower Kennet; and the Pang to engage them with the European eel and their local rivers through our role in the Thames Catchment Community Eels Project. 

Mia is our GIS mapping whizz and puts these skills to good use supporting colleagues on a range of our projects.

Mia is working with our volunteer team tackling Himalayan balsam on the Kennet and its tributaries and is our key contact for water quality testing.

Rupert Kelton

Rupert is our Project Manager, he recently led our catchment scale Sparkling Streams project.

Rupert's work is focussed on large scale habitat restoration.

He is currently looking at expanding our work on the Shalbourne, wetland creation and opportunities in the Reading and Thatcham area.

Julie Parker

Julie is our Business Administrator. She works part-time keeping the office in order, supporting the team and taking care of the bookwork and finances.