Charlotte Hitchmough


Charlotte has been working with ARK over a decade, and has built up an extensive knowledge of the issues affecting chalk streams and the Kennet in particular. She came to ARK from a background in the water industry and science communication and has built the charity’s activities to include river habitat restoration, work with schools, farm advice and water efficiency.
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Anna Forbes

Project Officer

Anna's focus is the upstream reaches and tributaries of the Kennet, where she managers teams of volunteers and leads  weekly practical conservation and restoration projects in and by the river. She carries out and oversees a variety of surveying and monitoring work, including our water vole surveying and riverfly monitoring.

Anna is the Project Officer for Stonebridge Wild River Reserve, she runs ARK River School engagement sessions for local groups of all ages from Brownies to residents in care homes helping them enjoy and get involved with their local river and surrounding habitats.

Anna is leading the classroom activities of ARK's schools engagement work 'Water Matters'
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Tim Clarke

Tim is ARK's farming advisor. He works part time for ARK, whilst also representing FWAG and running the 'Southern Streams Farmer Group'.  He has a background in agriculture combined with a detailed knowledge of the Kennet Catchment.

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