Ramsbury Triangle

Image of Ramsbury Triangle - ARK Photography competition winner Simon Baker
Ramsbury Triangle by Simon Baker - Winner of the 2015 ARK Photography Competition (Adult)

Ramsbury Triangle is located at the end of Mill Lane in Ramsbury, Wiltshire.  Jointly owned by ARK and Ramsbury Parish Council, it is a lovely site to explore. You can see and hear a variety of birds and it is a good place for spotting Brown Trout in the clear flowing water. 


Local school children have enjoyed using the site to learn first-hand about the chalk stream environment and the river's importance to wildlife.  

There is great access to the river, providing an ideal opportunity for members of the public to river dip and investigate what lives in their river. 

We have two riverfly monitoring sites here North of the Kennet Triangle and South of the Kennet Triangle.

ARK volunteers have carried out riverbank restoration, installing hazel faggots and planting Yellow Flag Iris and Sedge.  In 2013, along with the local riverkeeper they coppiced some trees to create a variety of habitats for the wildlife living here - this also increased the light let into the river to benefit aquatic and marginal plants. 

in 2015 the volunteers maintained the permissive footpath to allow easy access for all.  This was put to good use in August when we held a free Willow Workshop and Craft Day by the river, funded by Thames Water. 


In 2016 the volunteers will return to carry out some maintenace work to the riverbank to further enhance this well-loved and well-used area.